February 22, 2018

What Has CAMP Done For You Lately?

CAMP has made the mortgage loan originator relevant in the minds of legislators and regulators in California and Washington, DC. The government affairs effort on behalf of CAMP has allowed the voice of loan originators to be heard. CAMP gives guidance on to legislators on how things SHOULD be done in order to move the housing markets forward.  CAMP has even altered regulators of harmful “unintended consequences” on new bills and regulations.

CAMP was in the trenches for LO Comp Reform, Appraisal Independence, Dodd-Frank Act and many other bills that “could have been worse.” If it had not of the great efforts of CAMP members as a collective to ensure the voice of the consumer and loan originator was heard we may be working in much harsher conditions.

Help protect your profession by renewing your CAMP membership. Join the fight; don’t sit on the sidelines.

CAMP works tirelessly to provide meaningful benefits and services, such as cost effective training, to support your every day business.  As 2012 draws near, CAMP is retooling and refining member benefits to ensure that we are supporting you – our valued member.

For further details on membership, please contact Carmen Berry at 916-448-8236 or cberry@ca-amp.org.

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